Silane (A1120)- The Ultimate Dual-Agent Coupling Agent

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Silane (A1120) is a dual-agent coupling agent primarily used to increase the adhesion between inorganic materials and organic substances. This colorless or slightly yellow transparent liquid has garnered much attention in recent times for its remarkable efficiency in enhancing surface properties for superior adhesion.

One of the inherent properties of inorganic materials is that they are difficult to bond with organic substances. This is where Silane (A1120) comes in, acting as an intermediary coupling agent to enhance the adhesion at the interface between the two materials.

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Silane (A1120) plays an integral role in the production of biunamine-type amino-based silicone oil and a variety of organic silicon super soft finishing agents. It acts as an essential raw material for these products to improve their adhesion.

The dual-agent coupling agent has found a wide range of applications in the field of coating, adhesives, and sealants. The addition of Silane (A1120) into the formulation enhances the bond strength of the coating and improves the adhesion of the coating to the substrate. The end result is reduced delamination and better overall coating durability.

Silane (A1120) also exhibits excellent properties in building and construction applications. It enhances the strength of composite materials, particularly wet strength, and improves the durability of the adhesive bond.

One of the key features of Silane (A1120) is its ability to improve the moisture resistance of the adhesive bond. This reduces the likelihood of the bond being damaged by water ingress, contributing to the longer life of the adhesive bond.





Colorless to light yellow transparent liquid


≤35 Pt-Co



Specific Gravity

1.010-1.030 g/cm3



Water Dispersion


Product packaging


Storage: should be at cool, dry and ventilate.


In conclusion, Silane (A1120) is an excellent dual-agent coupling agent that has numerous applications in various industries. Its ability to improve adhesion between inorganic and organic materials makes it an indispensable raw material in the production of biunamine-type amino-based silicone oil and organic silicon super soft finishing agents.

The combination of outstanding performance, superior bonding, and moisture-resistant properties makes Silane (A1120) a reliable choice for enhancing adhesion in different substrates. If you are looking for an effective dual-agent coupling agent, Silane (A1120) delivers excellent performance for all your adhesive and coating needs.

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