Thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer (TPU) has become the fastest development of polyurethane elastic bodies and even polyurethane industries due to its wide range of consumer markets in the terminal consumer market. However, recently, the TPU industry has recently increased the release of new production capacity and the growth rate of downstream demand has slowed down. At the 2023 annual meeting and polyurethane elastic body technology seminar held by the China Polyurethane Industry Association Elastic Professional Committee held in Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province, the experts of the TPU industry should develop high -end and high -end, and develop high -end and products at the ends of the raw materials and products. Differentiated products can better meet market demand.

“On the whole, China’s polyurethane industry has shifted from a high -speed growth period to a period of stable development. In the future, the market will gradually shift from price competition, production capacity competition to service competition, and will also develop in the direction of globalization and industrial chain. TPUs and other fields must accelerate the independent innovation of key technologies, key assistants, key equipment, and key products to further meet downstream demand and improve the overall competitiveness of the industry. “Han Baole, a polyurethane association, said.

Liu Jing, a polyurethane association, said that in recent years, my country’s TPU industry has developed rapidly, and 10,000 tons of production enterprises and a large number of SMEs have been born. However, compared with the international advanced level, the Chinese TPU industry still has a certain gap in terms of product quality, production technology, and equipment advanced. It is highly manifested in the high level of continuous synthetic equipment. The intermittent production of workshops still occupies still possess There must be a proportion; lack of software technology, relatively backward process technology, and not stable product quality; single product quality, cannot fully meet market demand, especially high heat resistance, high polar solvents, high dynamic performance requirements and other application scenarios; technology Innovative ability is not strong, lack of systemic research, etc.

In recent years, TPU production capacity has increased, but the growth rate of downstream market has slowed down. According to Ma Yue, a chemical network market analyst, from 2018 to 2022, the average annual growth rate of China’s TPU production capacity was 13%, and the total annual compound growth rate of the total demand exceeded 8%. In 2022, the total production capacity of TPU was 1.3 million tons, with a total output of 660,000 tons. In 2022, the Chinese TPU market generally showed a downturn, and the price fell slowly. In addition to the demand for TPUs in the wire and cable industry to maintain a certain increase, the demand for TPUs in major downstream fields such as shoe materials and pipes has weakened to varying degrees.

Ma Yue introduced that Chinese enterprises’ TPU products are mainly concentrated in the middle and low-end market, with scattered customers and fierce competition. In the field of high-end products, only foreign advanced manufacturers and a few local manufacturers participate. “At present, the application prospect of TPU pipe is mainly in the replacement of existing materials. TPU film products are gradually replacing the existing polyethylene, polypropylene, polyvinyl chloride films. However, the localization rate of TPU materials for fire hose is relatively low, and the localization rate of ‘invisible car clothing’ of TPU materials also needs to be improved.” Ma Yue said.

Zhou Jian believes that China should increase the development of high-performance polyurethane thermoplastic elastomer (GTPU), strengthen the relevant research of raw material, additive formulation and downstream application, especially the research and development of new non-toxic, non-pollution, high performance, low cost and multi-functional chain extender for TPU, in order to meet the high performance, differentiation and special industrial needs. Used in resource exploration, military, medical, electronic appliances, high-end sports equipment and other high-end, high value-added applications.

It is understood that the GTPU material developed by domestic enterprises has the characteristics of extremely high tensile strength, high wear resistance, low compression permanent deformation rate, good high temperature dimensional stability and so on. It can be used in hydraulic seals, hoses, synchronous belts, cables, national defense and other fields, as well as polishing pad with chemical mechanical polishing, which has the market promotion value.

Ma Yue predicted that with the increase of new demand for Tpus, China’s TPU demand is expected to maintain a compound growth rate of 9% in the next five years; Capacity investment still maintains a fast pace, the compound growth rate will reach 8%. By 2027, TPU capacity will reach 1.94 million tons and total production will reach 1.07 million tons. The development and application of high-end TPU products is the key development direction of the industry in the future. The rapid rise of the new energy automobile industry stimulates the construction of supporting charging piles, which will drive the growth of TPU demand. Geophysical cables are in new demand for offshore petroleum gas and wind power. In addition, under the strategic goal of “two-carbon”, TPU materials are also transitioning to biobased direction.

Post time: May-11-2023