The advent of “Golden Three Silver Four” has increased the chemical market market slightly higher than the same period in March. From the end of March to 7th, of the 111 chemicals monitored by the system, 44 products rose products, 45 products have fallen, and 22 were flat.

Despite this, among all price increase products, the increase is mostly up. Generally speaking, the chemical market has begun to improve but still has downward risks.

1, Raw materials plunged more than 400,000 yuan per ton

According to combing, in the monitoring of chemical raw materials, the price of the most ruthless fall, is white petroleum lithium carbonate.

Since last year, the price of lithium carbonate peaked at nearly 600,000 yuan/ton. In just 4 months, the price of battery grade lithium carbonate has fallen to around 200,000 yuan/ton, down nearly 400,000 yuan; Under the drag of lithium carbonate, lithium industry chain began to decline, lithium iron phosphate, lithium hydroxide, lithium hexafluorophosphate and other raw materials generally declined.

Lithium iron phosphate

According to business data, lithium iron phosphate has fallen as much as 33%in just a month!

Lithium hydroxide

Lithium hydroxide also fell more than 110,000 yuan/ton in just a month, with a decrease of 25%.

Lithium hexafluorophosphate

In addition, the current trend of lithium fluorophosphate is obvious. At the end of March, the mainstream market price of the market was 117-125 million yuan/ton, which was 80%from the price of nearly 600,000 yuan/ton in March last year. The price of the lithium industry chain was severely damaged, mainly because the sales growth of new energy vehicles slowed down this year, and demand was difficult to get up.

How bad is the demand?

Data show that in 2022, my country’s new energy vehicle sales were 6.887 million,up 93.4 percent year on year. And on April 4th, according to the federation estimated that the first quarter of this year, new energy vehicle manufacturers sales of 1.48 million units, only 25% growth year-on-year.

Another according to media reports, in the face of “falling” lithium carbonate prices, “Asia lithium capital” Yichun four mica lithium extraction enterprises half have chosen to stop production.

2, The multi -industry chain of chemical industry fell! Has the tide of chemicals?

Under the background of low growth and slow recovery of market demand, the bearish sentiment of chemical prices is still strong. In addition to lithium carbonate, many chemical industry chains are also falling.

Polyurethane plate

TDI: As an important upstream raw material for polyurethane, the TDI market has opened a downward channel.

Recently, many domestic TDI manufacturers have released the settlement price of TDI in March/April listing price, up to 3,000 yuan/ton from the previous month.

Among them, Shanghai BASF TDI’s settlement price was 18,000 yuan/ton in March, which was reduced by 2,200 yuan/ton from the previous month.

Shanghai Koschuang’s latest TDI execution price is 18,200 yuan/ton, down 800 yuan/ton;

The settlement price of TDI direct selling customers of Wanhua Chemical in March 2023 is 17,900 yuan/ton acceptance; In April 2023, the listed price of TDI was 19,000 yuan/ton (direct sales), which was reduced by 1100 yuan/ton from the previous month.

Recently, the domestic TDI market has reversed and has accelerated. As of the end of March, the price of East China is 17400-17800 yuan/ton. In early March, the market price of East China was still around 18600-19000 yuan/ton, and since February in early February, it has been 20500-21,000 yuan/ton, a monthly decrease of 1,200 yuan/ton.


In the past month, the price of aggregation MDI has maintained a decline. The price has fallen to nearly 1,5262 yuan/ton, a decrease of about 1900 yuan from the highest price last month.


Data show that the price of BDO has continued to fall nearly 3,000 yuan/ton since March. In the early stages of maintenance device restarted, although some devices have downgraded, the overall supply of the domestic BDO market has increased, but the demand for downstream terminals has no good expectations for the time being, and the contradiction between supply and demand continues. It is expected that the domestic BDO market will still fall in the short term.

Epoxy resin plate

The price decline in March to April was obvious. In the past quarter, the market price of the epoxy resin was 9.29%. The rhythm of market prices is mainly affected by terminals and downstream demand. The overall demand for downstream in the first quarter is poorly performed. The new orders of manufacturers are blocked, and the focus of trading will be low. It is expected that the weak atmosphere of the epoxy resin market will be difficult to change.

At present, the international economic environment is shocking, whether it is industry, manufacturing, or in areas that are closely related to our clothing, food, housing, and affordable, prices seem to have fallen. Coupled with the influence of the Thunderstorm incident in European and American banks, the world economy may be impacted. Although the price of crude oil is currently rebounded, it is currently lower. If the condition continues, it is expected that the chemical raw material market in the second quarter

Post time: Apr-20-2023