At 8 o’clock in the morning on February 18 (the seventh day of the first month), after the groundbreaking ceremony of Yantai Hengbang Chemical Auxiliary Co., Ltd., the company’s senior management and heads of various departments held a groundbreaking meeting in the conference room. The general manager attended the groundbreaking meeting. The attendees took the first lesson of safety in the Year of the Ox. The meeting asked all employees to dilute the holiday atmosphere, enter the working state, and not relax the string of tightness and safety, in accordance with the various key work plans formulated by the company at the beginning of the year to advance all tasks in an orderly manner.

In the safety class, the general manager of the company led the heads of various departments to focus on studying the “Emergency Notice on Deeply Learning Lessons from Accidents and Further Strengthening Work Safety Warning Education” issued by the District Emergency Management Bureau. In accordance with the requirements of the notice, the general manager emphasized that all departments, especially the production workshop, should conduct safety production warning education for employees in conjunction with the Qixia 1.10 and Zhaoyuan 2.17 accidents. Safety warning education should be the first task after the start of construction, and the safety training and safety training of all employees should be promoted in a solid and effective manner. “Anti-three violations” and other tasks. It is required to focus on safety “five inspections”, “six barriers”, and “seven layers”. The “five inspections” are to check the state of mind, check the training details, check the safety measures, check the safety records, and check the illegal operations; the “six checks” are the attention Post-holiday syndrome, focus on inspection and maintenance operations, focus on equipment activation, focus on operating environment, focus on adjustments, focus on new employees; “seven layers” are focused on inspections of power distribution rooms, focused inspections of fire control rooms, focused inspections of limited space, and focused inspections Storage sites, key inspections of hazardous chemicals, key inspections of work sites, and key inspections of special equipment.
On the first working day of the Year of the Ox, the unique start-up meeting and safety first class left a deep mark on all the staff of Yantai Hengbang Chemical Auxiliary Co., Ltd. The staff of the company will keep their mission in mind and strive to create a new situation for the company’s development.


Post time: Feb-26-2021