“March soda ash import and export volume both exceeded expectations, also shows that the export trend is still continuing.” Recently, the soda market of the first line said.

The latest data from China’s General Administration of Customs shows that in the first quarter of 2023, the export of soda ash was 450,700 tons, up 45.10% year on year; Imported soda ash 47,500 tons, 37% less than the same period last year. Among them, the export of soda ash in March was 163,000 tons, an increase of 18,600 tons year-on-year; Imported soda ash 45,600 tons, an increase of 38,500 tons year-on-year.

“The market had expected a drop in soda ash exports and an increase in imports. However, in terms of actual data, they both beat market expectations.” Zhou Xiaoyan said.

Zhang Linglu analyzed that in March, the large -scale growth of ping -alkali imports was mainly due to the tightening of domestic supply and demand. The downstream needs to be replenished through imports. Most companies are concentrated in floating glass plants and photovoltaic glass factories. After this part of imported increases to Hong Kong, it directly enters downstream glass factories, which has a relatively limited impact on the market, but to a certain extent, it may lead to reducing the number of soda soda from domestic manufacturers.

“The export volume in March further increased to 163,000 tons on the basis of last year, which was beyond market expectations, showing that the industry’s supply and demand and good exports were still continuing.” Wei Chaoming, a senior analyst of the medium -term futures, believes In 2022, international energy prices are high, and the exports of pure alkali exports are significant. This year, the export volume can further rise on the basis of last year, showing that the international market has strong toughness for pure alkali demand, and the expectations of significant international demand to be corrected.

In this regard, Li Jiahao, an analyst at Nanhua Futures, said that compared with last year, the expected expected exports of pure alkali this year weakened. The main lies in the return of supply in the context of foreign energy decline, the price difference between domestic and foreign alkali is shrinking, and at the same time, with the reduction of sea freight, the exports have weakened the month -on -month.

In the short term, the data of pure alkali imports and exports is expected to be the sideline of the healthy operation of the domestic pure alkali market. The profit of Lian Alkali companies is still high, and the new energy production capacity of Yuanxing Energy is approaching, and various manufacturers have no maintenance plan for the current profit to protect the profit, and the market supply has maintained a high level. Light -alkali demand is difficult to improve in the short term. The changes in the later supply and demand pattern are expected to have a large change in the current mentality of supply and demand. It is expected that the short -term pure alkali manufacturers will still be actively shipped, and the spot price will maintain a downward trend. In summary, the short -term pure alkali market is expected to operate in a game with a steady increase in the demand for heavy alkali and the continuous decline of spot prices.

Post time: Jun-01-2023