According to monitoring, in the 13th week of 2024 (3.25-3.29), there were a total of 35 commodities on the Shanghai and Shenzhen raw material price rise and fall list, with a total of 18 commodities concentrated in the chemical sector and 6 commodities in the non-ferrous metal sector. The commodities with an increase of more than 5% were mainly concentrated in the chemical sector, with the top 3 commodities with an increase being sulfuric acid (+10.04%), methylene chloride (+5.87%), and acetic acid (+3.33%).

Material Rise and fall
sulphuric acid +10.04%
Methylene Chloride +5.87%
acetic acid +3.33%
Aluminum fluoride +3.22%
hydrofluoric acid +3.18%

Post time: Apr-07-2024