Several European and American banks’ “thunderstorms” risk impact, the market is concerned about increasing, risk aversion in merchants has risen, and energy chemical prices represented by crude oil have fallen sharply, and international oil prices have fallen below the $ 70 mark. Recently, although international oil prices have risen slightly, it is still low. As of press time, the price of WTI crude oil is $69.14/barrel, which has fallen by more than 10% compared to the beginning of the month.

The upstream collapse and the downturn in the downstream market. There is no doubt that this year’s “Golden Three” is afraid that it will not come, and the raw materials of multiple industrial chain are continuing to fall!

Polyurethane industry chain:

▶▶ BDO: falling more than 10%

Since the beginning of March, the price of BDO has opened a diving mode, from 13680 yuan/ton to 12106 yuan/ton, plunging 1500 yuan/ton.

▶▶ PMDI: According to the trade agency data, since March, the market price of aggregating MDI East China has declined all the way, and the price per ton has fallen by nearly 600 yuan.

Resin Industry Chain:

▶▶ Epoxy resin: continuous decline

Epoxy resin market weak atmosphere difficult to change, the downstream terminal buying gas is not good, March price decline trend is obvious.

▶▶ Bisphenol A: Domestic bisphenol A’s market price fell nearly 600 yuan/ton from the end of February.

Rubber and plastic industry chain:

▶▶ PC: Yin Falling Operation

Recently, the PC market continued to operate. Most of the imported materials in South China have fallen, and the prices of domestic materials in East China are mainly, and the decline is 50-350 yuan/ton.

▶▶ ABS: more than a decline, the prices of 9 -character heads are shocked

Recently, the domestic ABS market price has declined, the market is weak, the terminal demand is not good, and the load of some new devices has continued to increase. Some manufacturers’ ABS/Tianjin Dagu/DG417 quotation has already appeared at the beginning of “9″.

According to statistics from Guanghuajun data, from March 1st to today, a total of 39 kinds of chemical raw materials fell year -on -year, accounting for more than half. Which tablet alkali, liquid alkali, butyl acrylate, crude oil fell more than 10%.

Post time: Mar-31-2023