Ammonium Chloride: Versatile Industrial Grade Chemical

Ammonium chloride (referred to as “ammonium”, also known as halogen, chemical: NH4Cl) is a colorless cube crystal or white crystal powder. The taste is salty and slightly bitter, acid -type salt. Relative density is 1.527. It is easy to dissolve in water and ethanol, soluble in liquid ammonia, and insoluble in pyruis and ether. The aqueous solution is weak and acidic, which is enhanced when heating. When heating to 100℃, it starts to volatilize significantly. When 337.8 ℃ Chemicalbook, it is dissolved into ammonia and hydrogen chloride. After cold, it reappears to generate a very small ammonium chloride. Essence Heat to 350 ℃ sublimation, and the boiling point is 520 ° C. It is small in water absorption, but it can also absorb moisture in the wet rainy weather. It is corrosive in black metal and other metals, especially corrosion of copper, and has no corrosion effect on raw iron.

Ammonium Chloride1Character: colorless crystal or white granular powder, is a strong electrolyte that is dissolved in hydropower ions and chloride ions. It will have white smoke when forming ammonia and hydrogenation of hydrogen chloride. No smell. The taste is salty and slightly bitter. It is small in water absorption, but it can also absorb moisture in the wet rainy weather. Pluffal ammonium chloride is very easy to solve, especially the qualified products are very much. The hygroscopic point is generally about 76%. When the relative humidity in the air is greater than the humidity point, ammonium chloride produces a moisture absorption and is easy to knot. It can be sublimated (actually the process of decomposition and reorganization of ammonium chloride) without melting points. Relative density is 1.5274. The discount rate is 1.642. Low toxic, half of the death (mice, meridian) 1650mg/kg. It is irritating. Heat to 350 ℃ sublimation, and the boiling point is 520℃.

It is easy to soluble in water, slightly soluble in ethanol, soluble in liquid ammonia, insoluble in acetone and ether. Hydrochloric acid and sodium chloride can reduce its solubility in water. The solubility in water is 29.4g at 0℃, 33.2g at 10℃, 37.2g at 20℃, 41.4g at 30℃, 45.8g at 40℃, 50.4g at 50℃, 55.3g at 60℃, 60.2g at 70℃ and 65.6g at 80℃. 71.2g at 90℃ and 77.3g at 100℃). When it is heated to 100℃, it begins to decompose. When it is heated to 337.8℃, it can be completely decomposed into ammonia and hydrogen chloride gas. When it is cold, it recombines to form ammonium chloride with very small particles and presents white smoke, which is not easy to sink and is not easy to dissolve in water.

PH of the aqueous solution: Because the ammonium ion hydrolyzed in the water in the water makes the solution appear acidic, the pH value of saturated ammonium chloride solution under normal temperature is generally around 5.6. At 25 ° C, 1%is 5.5, 3%is 5.1, 10%is 5.0. The ammonium chloride itself can be used as a stabilized reagent of crickets and pupa (providing chloride ions to match, and the compounds are dissolved in dilute hydrochloric acid with chloride during use).

Chemical properties:

The aqueous solution is weakly acidic,which is enhanced when heating. It is corrosive in black metal and other metals, especially corrosion of copper, and has no corrosion effect on raw iron; mixing ammonia gas with hydrogen chloride gas will be generated by white smoke, and white smoke is ammonium chloride;


1. It can be used as raw materials, manufacturing dry batteries and batteries, other ammonium salts, electroplating additives, metal welding feldients;

2. For dyeing additives, it is also used for tin -plated and galvanized, tanning leather, medicine, candlers, adhesives, chromium -seepage, and precision casting;

3. For medicine, dry battery, fabric printing and dyeing, detergent;

Industrial grade ammonium chloride is mainly used in batteries, electroplating, dyeing, casting, medicine, flocking, fluff, chemical intermediates and so on.

Ammonium chloride can be applied as nitrogen fertilizer in agriculture, and its mechanism is similar to that of ammonium sulfate, but the application of ammonium chloride causes more serious soil acidification than ammonium sulfate. Can be used as base fertilizer, topdressing fertilizer, can not be used as seed fertilizer. In addition, for chlorine resistant crops (tobacco, sugarcane, potato, etc.) can not be applied in large quantities.

Packing: Each bag is 25Kg or 50Kg lined with plastic bag and outer woven bag.

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In conclusion, ammonium chloride is a versatile and essential industrial grade chemical with a vast array of uses. It is an essential component in modern-day industries, making it a valuable commodity in today’s fast-paced world. Choose ABC Chemicals for all your ammonium chloride needs, and experience our commitment to quality and service.

Post time: May-30-2023