This product is an alcohol ester compound, the chemical name is 2,2, 4-trimethyl-1, 3-glutarediol monoisobutyrate; The product is called dodecyl alcohol ester or ester -12, which can help to form film of various commercial emulsions. Effectively reduce the lowest film forming temperature.


Dodecyl alcohol ester is widely used in the buildings and decorative materials in our country, is an ideal film forming agent.

Alcohol ester 12 is a strong solvent of latex polymers and has good hydrolytic stability, high coalescence performance, and a wide range of applications, but its main effect is used in the film formation of latex paint, is a very ideal film forming agent, mainly in the following aspects.

1. Can reduce the lowest film forming temperature of latex paint: alcohol ester 12 has outstanding solvent action, that is, has a strong coalescence ability. In the case of using a small amount of MFT,can effectively reduce the minimum film forming temperature of latex paint, can expand the use of high glass temperature polymer latex paint in different ambient temperatures.

2. It can promote the film forming of latex paint: compared with other film forming additives, alcohol ester twelve has small water solubility, and is easy to be absorbed by latex ions. It can be directly contacted, and it is easier to swell rubber particles; Its volatilization rate is low, and it is retained in the latex paint coating before film forming. The solvent action will not be affected by the volatilization of water, and the continuity of film forming is good. And it has a suitable volatility, completely volatilized in a short time after the latex paint film, will not affect the hardness and luster expected by the formula design of the latex paint.


1. For latex paint, the amount of dodecyl ester added mainly depends on the hardness of emulsion polymer. Harder emulsion (high Tg value) requires more addition than soft emulsion (low Tg value) to achieve the same film forming effect. In addition, the use of the same emulsion of different formulations (PVC is different), will also require different amounts of ester alcohol.

2. Under normal circumstances, the addition amount of dodecyl alcohol ester should be considered as about 3-10% of the solid content of emulsion. Larger addition amount can get better results, when the solid content of the emulsion does not exceed 12%, it will not affect the stability of the emulsion.

3. The operation of using ester alcohol in the production of emulsion paint is very simple. In principle, it can be added directly by stirring at any stage of production. If gelation occurs in the process of addition, the amount of water and surfactant that should be added in the production of latex paint can be pre-mixed with ester alcohol, and then the mixed liquid can be added to the emulsion.

4, Dodecyl alcohol ester can only be divided into two times to give full play to its role.


Alcohol ester 12 is a high boiling point, low freezing point insoluble diol ester, it itself is non-toxic, and has a very good compatibility with a variety of solvents, is widely recognized as a green solvent, widely used in various aspects.

1. Coating film forming agent

Alcohol ester twelve is an excellent coating film forming agent, compared with other film forming agents, because of the low freezing point of alcohol ester twelve, it can effectively reduce the lowest film forming temperature of latex paint, can promote the film forming of latex paint, has excellent wet film performance, can improve the performance of latex paint film, paint stability is good, Thus improving the coating adhesion rate, smoothness, brightness, wash resistance, anti – hanging characteristics and leveling properties. Alcohol ester 12 is an insoluble solvent of diethyl alcohol esters, which has good hydrolytic stability. It is a strong solvent of latex polymers and has high coalescence performance. It is a very ideal film forming agent.

2. Synthetic lubricant

The lubricant synthesized from the nonanoate of alkyl lauryl ester has excellent stability, good performance index at low temperature and low elastic expansion index. Compared with other esters, alkyl lauryl has excellent lubrication performance.

Mainly used as coating coalescing agent, also can be used as gold, coal flotation agent, but also can be used as plasticizer

Product packaging


Storage should be at cool, dry and ventilate.


Post time: Apr-26-2023