Facing the old calendar, we will remember. We have met the challenge but are very pleased. In 2020, we bucked the trend and took the initiative to strengthen internal management to reduce costs and increase efficiency. We strengthened strategic cooperation with the outside world to continuously expand the beneficiation reagent market, effectively resisting the strong impact of the global spread of the new crown pneumonia epidemic on the market. In the past year, we have made bold decisions and positive actions, and achieved stability and improvement under adversity, which is not easy to harvest. Here, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to all of you for your hard work and selfless dedication over the past year, to all leaders at all levels who care and support the development of Hengbang chemical additives, as well as customers and friends at home and abroad, and to all of you in the new year. blessing!
In the face of the New Year, we will think about it. We will be full of ambition and move forward courageously. In 2021, like the rising sun, in her bath, we will stretch out our powerful hands to embrace the warm sunshine tightly. Standing at the new starting point of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the party, looking forward to the beginning of the 14th Five-Year Plan in 2021, the force of change is unstoppable. In this era of great changes unseen in a century, what exactly can Yantai Hengbang Chemical Auxiliary Co., Ltd. do to enable high-quality development?
Carry forward the spirit of craftsmanship and build the Hengbang brand firmly. We still have a long way to go to build the “Hengbang” brand. We will give full play to the function of the employee innovation studio, increase the output rate and conversion rate of scientific and technological achievements, and ensure that the number and quality of invention patents and utility model patents continue to increase. Continuously enrich the company’s intellectual property system. The spirit of Hengbang craftsmanship is not only our unique character that distinguishes us from other similar companies, but also should be the gene that will be rooted in the future development of Yantai Hengbang Chemical Auxiliary Company. Taking the opportunity of Shandong University of Technology’s “industry-university-research” cooperation, we will further strengthen communication and cooperation with well-known experts, scholars and technical teams at home and abroad to build a leading brand in the industry.
Stable market operation and innovative development pattern. Over the past two decades, in the torrent of market economy, Yantai Hengbang Chemical Auxiliary Co., Ltd. has been born with the times, followed the trend, and keeps pace with the times, and has embarked on a road of private enterprise development with its own characteristics. In the new year, we will base ourselves on the domestic market, coordinate the whole world, adhere to the unity of problem-oriented and goal-oriented, interlink medium and long-term goals and short-term goals, coordinate comprehensive planning and highlight key points, and firmly maintain the overall tone of stable operation. Marketing insists on centering on technical services, focusing on promoting HB series of pharmaceuticals, solving problems and pain points for customers, allowing products to be produced, stocked, and researched for generations, so that superior products are always in the forefront and achieve a win-win cooperation.
Maintain strategic determination and seize strategic opportunities. When the boat reaches the middle stream, it must be struck forward. Facing the future, the company will be committed to building a globally competitive R&D and production base for beneficiation reagents as its mission, maintain strategic determination, unswervingly strengthen the beneficiation reagent industry, and continuously improve its core competitiveness in the benchmark market. We need to focus on market demand, increase the research and development of downstream products of sodium thioglycolate and HB series of new reagents, and develop new flotation reagents such as rare metals to achieve higher quality and more efficient development.
The old year has already exhibited thousands of brocades, and the new year is even more advanced. “There is no beginning for extravagance, but there is end for little restraint.” History will only favor those who are determined, forge ahead, and fighters, but will not wait for those who hesitate, slack, or fear difficulties. In this new era of rapid change and change, let us embrace change and move forward with the ambition to build Yantai Hengbang Chemical Additives into a highly competitive R&D and production base for beneficiation agents in the world!
   I wish you all good health, smooth work, progress in your career, and a happy family in the new year!

Post time: Feb-26-2021