Glycine Industrial Grade: A versatile amino acid

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Glycine is an important amino acid that has a wide range of industrial applications. As an industrial grade product, it is commonly used as a biochemical reagent, and in the production of medicine, feed and food additives, and even in the nitrogen fertilizer industry as a non-toxic decarbonization agent.

The molecular formula of glycine is C2H5NO2, with a molecular weight of 75.07. It is available in various forms, including white monoclinic system or hexagonal crystal, or white crystalline powder. Its physical properties make it easy to handle and use in a variety of industrial processes.

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Glycine industrial grade is widely used as a biochemical reagent as it is known for its stability, safety, and ease of use. Researchers and scientists around the world use it in their studies to create new products, medicines, and medical treatments.

In the medicine production industry, glycine plays a vital role in the creation of antibiotics and other drugs used to treat common illnesses and diseases. Its versatility in this field is due to its ability to act as a buffer agent, stabilizer, and antioxidant.





White monoclinic system or hexagonal crystal




≤ 0.40

Loss on drying

≤ 0.30

Product packaging


Storage should be at cool, dry and ventilate.


In conclusion, glycine industrial grade is a highly versatile amino acid with many industrial applications. Its use in the biochemical, medical, food, and fertilizer industries highlights its importance in modern-day society. As it has a variety of uses, it is essential that it is produced and handled with care, ensuring that it remains safe and as effective as possible.

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