“Experience Unmatched Durability with Melamine Resin: The Ultimate Choice for High-Quality Materials”

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Melamine, commonly known as melamine, protein extract, molecular formula C3H6N6 and named by IUPAC as “1,3, 5-triazine-2,4, 6-triamine”, is a triazine nitro-containing heterocyclic organic compound used as a chemical feedstock. It is white monoclinic crystal, almost odorless, harmful to the body, should not be used in food processing or food additives.

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One of the key benefits of using MFR is its excellent adhesion and bonding properties. This feature enables it to form strong bonds with various surfaces, giving it a wide range of applications in the manufacturing industry. It is an ideal material for manufacturing products that require high levels of strength and durability, such as kitchen countertops, flooring, and furniture.

Another critical advantage of using MFR is its resistance to high temperatures. It is an ideal material for manufacturing products that are exposed to high heat for extended periods. It is commonly used in the production of cookware, oven mitts, and other kitchen tools that require high heat resistance. This feature also makes it popular in the automotive industry where it is used to make heat-resistant parts.


Melamine is a popular chemical compound that is widely used in various applications. It is especially known for its use in the manufacture of melamine-formaldehyde resin (MFR), which is a key component in the production of strong and reinforced plasters. MFR is a versatile material that has numerous applications across multiple industries. In this blog post, we will discuss the various features and benefits of MFR and its importance in the manufacturing industry.

One of the most significant features of MFR is that it is the main raw material for making melamine formaldehyde resin. This resin is used in the production of a variety of products, including laminates, adhesives, coatings, and textiles, among others. Its strength, durability, and resistance to heat make it an ideal material for modern applications such as electrical insulation, automotive parts, and more.

Moreover, MFR is also used as an organic element analysis reagent. It is a powerful analytical tool that is employed in many scientific fields. It is particularly useful in the detection of nitrogen and protein content in samples, making it a valuable tool in food and biological research. Additionally, it is also used for the synthesis of organic and resin, which makes it an essential component in the chemical industry.





White powder













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Packaging specifications:25KG/Bag

Storage should be at cool, dry and ventilate.


In conclusion, melamine-formaldehyde resin (MFR) is a vital component in the manufacturing industry. Its versatility, strength, and resistance to high heat make it an ideal material for the production of various products. As a chemical compound, it has numerous applications across a wide range of scientific fields such as food, biology, and chemistry. By combining its features and benefits, it is clear that MFR is a valuable material that is essential for modern manufacturing processes.

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