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Pine oil is a product consisting of α-pine oil-based monocylinol and monocylne. Pine oil is light yellow to red -brown oil -shaped fluid, which is slightly soluble in water, and has a special odor. It has strong sterilization capabilities, good moist, cleaning, and permeability, and is easily emulsi

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The main oxidation compounds include α-pine oil, β-pine oil, γ-pine alcohol, α-cumin alcohol, dragon brain, alien dragon brain, camphor, cada, chemicalbook Hydol-4, epoxy oil alcohol, methylicol, fennel brain, 1,4-eucalyptus brain, 1,8-eucalyptus brain, etc. The main ingredients of 萜nenenes are pyrine, pyrine, alpha-pyrine, γ-pyrine, pair-2, 4 (8), pair-pesopopropenzene And semi -semioline. In the synthetic pine oil, it contains more oily olene, does not contain fennel brain and methyl -based phenol, and there are traces of camphor. Water vapor distillation poolace contains high troops and fennel brains.


Pine oil is a versatile product with numerous uses in various industries. This light yellow to red-brown oil-shaped fluid is a favorite in the fragrance industry and is often used to add a special odor to products. Pine oil is derived from α-pine oil-based monocylinol and monocylne and is slightly soluble in water. However, it has strong sterilization capabilities, good moist, and permeability, making it a valuable product in various applications.

One of the significant features of pine oil is its cleaning and emulsifying capabilities. It is easily emulsified by saponification or other surfactants, making it an ideal cleaning agent. Pine oil is also an effective solvent for oil, fat, and lubricating fat, making it an essential product in the plastic and soap industry.

Furthermore, pine oil has medicinal properties, making it a popular ingredient in the medicine industry. It is commonly used in the production of topical creams and ointments and is often used to treat skin infections. In the pesticide industry, pine oil is an essential ingredient in the production of insecticides and is often used to control insects and pests.

Pine oil is also a solvent in the ink industry, where it helps to dissolve ink pigments and improve the flow of ink. Additionally, it is a favored solvent for color on glassware, where it is used to dissolve and make colors vibrant.









(168-230°C) 90%MIN


0.60% MAX

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Storage: Pay attention to fire prevention and heat protection during storage and transportation, and store in a cool place. The lid of the drum must be tightened to prevent moisture from entering during transportation.


In conclusion, pine oil is an essential product in various industries, from fragrance preparation to medicine, plastics, soap, ink, and pesticide industries. Its unique features, such as its strong sterilization and cleaning capabilities, make it an ideal product for numerous applications. The versatility of pine oil makes it a valuable product worth exploring in all its applications.

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