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Foods (Dairy, Beverage, Snacks, etc. ), Healthy food, Nourishment, Pharmaceuticals, Catering, Daily Chemical Products, Environmental Protection, Animal husbandry, ODM&OEM.



1.Harvested from traditional fermented foods or healthy person, strains are safe and reliable;

2.Possess multi-patents strains;

3.Adopt patent production technology of fermentation and embedment. Probiotics remain high-activity and high-stability during the process of manufacturing, storing and applying.

4.Conduct a great deal of vitro and vivo experiments, clear functional studies;

5.Diversified probiotic productivity satisfies the customized requirements for the market.

7 core technical platforms


1.Probiotic stains repository platform

2.High density and activity probiotic trial platform

3.Probiotic functional evaluation research platform

4.Probiotic products application and development platform

5.Jiang Nan University, State Key Laboratory of joint R&D platform

6.Hong Kong University, joint R&D platform

7.Jiangsu province, probiotic engineering technology research center

OEM/ODM(Powder, Granule, tablet, Capsule)
Probiotics Powder/Granule, Capsule)

To meet with the different appeals and target groups, various types of supplements are developed, including dietary supplements regulating intestinal flora balance, boosting immunity, preventing allergy, soothing constipation, relieving diarrhea, and anti-ageing. Also, we have products for children, women, middle-aged people and other people with specific appeals

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