FLOSPERSE 3000: A Game-Changer in the Paper and Coating Industry

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FLOSPERSE 3000, an SNF branded anionic compound, has been revolutionizing the way high-solid-phase decentralized systems function. With its low molecular weight polyacrylonal build, it’s one of the go-to solutions used by various industries, including paper making and coating.

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The beauty of FLOSPERSE 3000 lies in its versatility. It's a multipurpose compound commonly used in the paper and coating industry but can be applied in other fields as well. Its exceptional dispersing and stabilizing properties make it perfect for many applications. Suppose you're looking for a coloring agent that doesn't compromise coating stability, you can't go wrong with FLOSPERSE 3000.

Are you tired of using subpar dispersants in your business? Why not try FLOSPERSE 3000, the ultimate solution for all your dispersing needs. Made with advanced technology and in line with the industry's high standards, FLOSPERSE 3000 is undoubtedly one of the best compounds on the market.

The benefits of using FLOSPERSE 3000 are undeniable. It improves the quality of final products, reduces production costs, and improves the efficiency of your manufacturing process. It's an all-around advantage that businesses shouldn't ignore.





clear colorless to yellow liquid

Non-volatile solids


Solution pH


VT BROOKFIELD viscosity (LVi, 30 rpm)

100-600 cps

Product packaging


Treatment and storage: The FLOSPERSE3000 can be stored within a wide temperature range, but it should be heated to 40 ° F (5 ° C) before use. When FLOSPERSE 3000 under severe frozen conditions, it should be heated and mixed evenly before use.


In summary, FLOSPERSE 3000 is a low-molecular-weight polyacrylonal ideal for decentralized systems. It boosts the stability of color fillers while maintaining the performance of coatings and slurry. Its ability to disperse and stabilize makes it an all-around solution for various industries, whether it's paper making, coating, or others. It's time to level up your game by using FLOSPERSE 3000 in your operations. Contact us today for more details.

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