Dithiophosphate 25

Short Description:

Classification: General Reagents
Cas No: 27157-94-4
Appreance: Pungent Dark Brown Liquid
Solubility in water: Complete
Purity: 60-70%
Specific gravity(20℃):1.17-1.20

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It is efficient collecting agent for sulphide ores such as copper sulphide, sliver sulphide, lead sulphide that all include iron and activation zinc sulphide ore. It is normally used in preferentially separation and flotation of lead and zinc, and has both collecting ability and foaming ability. It has a special effect to heavy metal oxidized ore. It is a strong non-selectivity collecting agent for sulphide ores.

Safety and Handling

Storage: Store in a dry and well-ventilated place away from heat and sunlight after the principle “firstin/first out”.
Handling: Wear protective equipment. Safe handling includes the use of safety glasses, natural rubber gloves and protective clothing. Keep it away from skin, oral cavity and eyes. If it happens, rinse with plenty of clean water immediately with at least fifteen minutes.


Steel drum
Net weight 200 kg per plastic drum 4 drums on a wooden pallet tightly strapped
80 drums per 20'FCL, 16MT
IBC Tank
Net weight 1100kgs per IBC
20 IBCs per 20'FCL, 22MT

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