Butylal (Dibutoxymethane)

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It is used as intermediate of dye, medicine, pesticide and perfume. In terms of dyes, it is used to manufacture azo dyes, anthraquinone dyes and indigo dyes. For example, disperse yellow GC, disperse yellow 5g, disperse orange GG, active brown k-b3y, neutral blue BNL.

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Butylal is also known as Dibutoxymethane or Butylal Dibutoxymethane.It’s used in comestics, as a cleansing agent, or solvent. It reduces the formation of soot and nitrogen oxides when added to  diesel fuel. It can be classed as a green solvent, as it contains no halogens, and is not toxic.CAS is 2568-90-3;Package is 170kg/galvanized iron drum

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